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Supplementing our media training and our presentation and speech training programs are: proprietary and copyrighted manuals; and, presentations at professional and other organizations.


"Building A Successful Strategic Communications Plan©"

This 10-page manual explains how to structure a plan, starting with an enhanced situation analysis to development of grids and timetables to be sure the proposed actions and programs fit and work together (US$110, including shipping and handling.)

"A Guide To Crisis Communications Planning©"

This 40-page manual is intended to help a management team customize a crisis communications plan. The Guide takes the post-September 11, 2001 environment into account; explores the goals of crisis communications planning; suggests the various kinds of potential crises which might be faced; and, offers ideas, as well as raises questions to be answered, when developing an effective plan (US$275, including shipping and handling.)

"Communications With Analysts And Others:
An Overview©"

This 19-page manual provides an idea of the concepts behind, and parameters of, conversations a corporate spokesperson might have with an analyst, and suggests when a press release, or other action may be necessary, advisable, or important enough for immediate consultation with legal, investor relations, and public relations advisers (US$125, including shipping and handling.)

"A Guide To Writing Speeches©"

This 10-page guide covers how to determine what an audience is interested in hearing about, how that melds with what the speaker wants or needs to tell the audience, and how to put those thoughts into an interesting format to help support a position or organization, or help encourage the audience to take an action (US$50, including shipping and handling.)



Art Samansky often speaks at meeting of professional and other organizations, discussing various communications issues and practices. Recent forums include the:

Practising Law Institute Webinar (Strengthening Attorney-Public Relations Bonds in a Black Swan World) November 2016.

IABC-LI (Five Critical Communications Tips to Tame a "Black Swan" )

Grocery Manufacturers Association 2012 Food Claims and Litigation Conference (communications issues)

New York Non-Profit Coordinating Committee’s “Executive Directors’ Workshop” (conducting successful media interviews, making winning presentations/speeches, writing interesting speeches, building strategic communications plans, developing crisis communications plans, and effectively developing an organization’s messages)

Nassau County (New York) chapter of the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants’ “Professional Skills Development Conference” (media interviews)

Suffolk (New York) Academy of Law’s “Continuing Legal Education” program (media interviews, public speaking, speechwriting)

Securities Industry Association’s “Regional Public Relations/Advertising Roundtable” (crisis communications planning)

He also has written on various communications disciplines for industry magazines and newsletters. Many of those articles are shown under “news.”

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