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To be successful in business today, an executive, whether moving into the corner office or beginning to make her/his way up the corporate ladder, needs to be more than just efficient at business and finance, she/he needs to be :

able to easily speak with reporters from all media
(for additional information, please click on In-Control Media Training ©); and,

comfortably make effective presentations to the company’s management and sales force, industry groups, analysts, the annual meeting, regulatory and legislative panels at all levels, and, clients and customers (for additional information, please click on Power-Speak Training ©).

The skills taught in The Samansky Group’s proprietary and copyrighted training programs are essential to a leader’s portfolio.



Over the years, we have trained chairpersons and chief executive officers, chief financial officers, chief legal officers, technology executives, college professors and deans, scientists, financial consultants, securities traders, and politicians.

The executives have come from a range of businesses, such as financial services, manufacturing, and internet/high-technology companies.

Most work for companies which are publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq Stock Market.

We also have trained a variety of trade association executives and trade association member-organization volunteers, including those who have been asked to give testimony before legislative bodies, as well as executives of non-publicly traded companies.

Clients trained include executives born outside the U.S., requiring special attention to be given to accents, phrasing and other related matters.

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