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The Samansky Group is a Long Island, New York, public affairs consultancy, specializing in:

media and presentation/speech training;

assisting corporate and communications management to develop strategic plans for the near and long-term, using a variety of techniques, including serving as a facilitator;

working closely with communicators to conceive, develop and implement educational media seminars, which enable an organization to explain its role in the economy, and/or its business, products and services, in a non-press conference environment;

helping develop media policy guidelines; and,

assisting new press spokespersons conduct press conferences and similar sessions.

The Samansky Group was founded in November 2000 and incorporated in New York State in January 2001.


To make our products and services most useful to an organization, we seek to work closely and directly with in-house teams charged with communications. That concept folds smoothly into our guiding corporate philosophy:

provide superior quality service and counsel — always;

assist clients with cost-effective, efficient guidance, and program implementation — before all else;

maintain a fee structure which is reasonable and based upon value-added assistance and programs;

stay focused on our expertise and not try to be all things to all clients.

As part of our philosophy of focusing only on our expertise, The Samansky Group will, upon request, recommend authorities in other disciplines.

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