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Our “Power-Speak ©” training program, developed over 40 years of observation and real-world use, helps business leaders become proficient at speaking in public, whether to a few participants at a meeting or to an overflow audience at a major address.

As a supplement to “Power-Speak ©,” we have developed “A Guide To Writing Speeches ©,” a proprietary and copyrighted training program and manual for those executives who regularly give speeches, but don’t have use of a professional speechwriter or speechwriting department. The manual may be purchased separately from the related training program (US$50, including shipping and handling.)

Except for extraordinary circumstances, we limit attendance at training programs to no more than 10 executives at a time. That number enables us to provide individual attention to each participant.

The “Power-Speak ©” program generally runs two hours, plus a one-on-one performance critique.


Course Content:

How To Prepare Message Points

How to Make the Actual Presentation/Speech

How to Deal with Microphones

How to Prepare a Speech and Slides

Special Techniques for Presenting Testimony

Special Techniques for Panel Participation

Working with “Translators”

What to Do with Your Hands

How to Dress

Basic Body Language


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