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Eliminate emojis from all company correspondence
Long Island Business News, January 2018

A Cliché With Additional Significance©,
© Samansky Group, June, 2015

“Gone With The Wind” Should Remain A Book Title, Not What Happens To A Speech©,
© Samansky Group, June, 2014

As Dr. Frankenstein So Aptly Put It…,
© Samansky Group, October, 2013

Ending the “Ums” ©,
Samansky Group Webentary, June, 2011

Looking Ahead to the 2009 AGM: It's Never Too Early,”
Investor Relations Update,
December 2008, (PDF: 190K)

Reach For The First Question In A Debate, Panel Discussion,,”
Samansky Group Webentary, September, 2008 

The Joke Shouldn't Be On You,”
New York State Bar Association, November/December, 2006 (PDF: 50K)

Results-Oriented Presentations - A Checklist Of The Basics,”
January 25, 2006 (PDF: 50K)

Ten Basic Questions To Help Build Effective Crisis Communications,”
December 13, 2005 (PDF: 50K)

Potential For Customer Data Breach Requires A Communications Plan Review,” Public Relations Quarterly, Summer 2005 (PDF: 600K)

Preparing for a Crisis: Fill in the Blanks Now,” Investor Relations Update, March 2005 (PDF: 100K)

Law Firms Should Increase Attention To Public Relations Efforts,” Samansky Group Webentary, November 2004  (PDF: 50K)



DIRECTORS' TIPS: Crisis Communications,”
New York Nonprofits, September 2004  (PDF: 800K)

Corporate Communications Advisory: Terrorism Alerts Re-Emphasize Need For Organizations To Put Crisis Communications Plans In Place,”
The Suffolk Lawyer, September 2004  (PDF: 250K)

Companies Dealing With Crisis Should Develop Messages Usable In All Communications,”
Press Release, May 19, 2004  (PDF: 100K)

Communications Strategies -
Basic Do's and Don'ts for Media Interviews, Presentations and Speechwriting
New York Nonprofits, May 2004  (PDF: 50K)

Organizations Urged To Pay Attention To Developing, Testing, Crisis Communications Plans,”
Press Release, April 21, 2004  (PDF: 100K)

Blinded by the Site - Press-Friendly Functionality Provides Reporters With A 'Go-To' Source,” BusinessWire Newsletter, February 2004  (PDF: 450K)

Strategic Communications Plan Strengthens Law Firm Marketing Efforts,” The Suffolk Lawyer, February 2004  (PDF: 300K)

Leveraging Your Profile, Globally, Through The World's Most Liquid Market,” AC Capital Consulting Group, January 2004  (PDF: 150K)

Give 'Em That Old Razzle-Dazzle?,” Investor Relations Update, September 2003  (PDF: 100K)

A Successful Presentation: Simple, Short and a Value-Added Speaker,” BusinessWire Newsletter, January 2003  (PDF: 150K)

Run!: That’s Not The Crisis Communications Plan You Need,” Public Relations Quarterly, Fall 2002  (PDF: 500K)

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